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The Maker’s Portrait focuses on the stories of Perth’s creative small businesses and people who are helping the community told through photography, blog posts and short films. They are portraits of inspiration and encouragement towards a purposeful, more mindful life.

New Goals

photograph by Juan Cruz Mountford.

photograph by Juan Cruz Mountford.

It is when life throws you challenges that you are forced to stop and re-assess things. This past month we have had hospitalisations, doctors, specialists and I get a sense that God is telling me to slow down and focus on the important things this year.

I have decided this year to use my website to share my journey. To stop trying to keep up with Instagram's algorithms and stop comparing myself to everyone else.

I have always been a private person so I find it difficult to share everyday moments like the ones I have with my friends or family. When I have coffee with a friend or eat at a restaurant my instinct is usually just to spend time talking with that person face-to-face. By the time we have had a good meal, had a few laughs and good conversation, said our goodbyes I realise that I had forgotten to take photos of the moment for my Instagram. And so my Instagram stories is empty, yet again. Last year, I felt a niggling guilt about this. The next six months I have decided to re-focus more on family and more on the things that put me in a positive frame of mind (creating for me, exploring new film making techniques, joining community workshops).

I will be sharing, through my website, what I am honestly feeling, reading, learning, shooting - films, photographs, thoughts so that you can learn and hopefully be encouraged in your own journey.

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