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The Maker’s Portrait focuses on the stories of Perth’s creative small businesses and people who are helping the community told through photography, blog posts and short films. They are portraits of inspiration and encouragement towards a purposeful, more mindful life.

A Letter of Encouragement

photograph by  Matthew Henry

photograph by Matthew Henry

To all the women out there, 

To the mum who puts her children first, who holds the household together without a second thought. Who stays up late whilst everyone else is in bed so she can study for that exam or finish writing those emails. Then gets up early the next day to get the kids ready for school. 

To the working mum who feels guilt at not being able to be at home with her kids. 

To the woman who just wants to be respected and valued in her workplace. 

To the wife who just wants her husband back, who wants things the way it used to be. 

To the daughter who cares for her Dad every single day because she loves him. 

To the young girl feeling the pressures of school, homework and exams. 

To the girl who pours over social media and it’s altered reality feeling the consequences of comments and judgments.

To the single mother trying to make ends meet. 

To the woman who just wants to be loved. 

You are enough. 

Your identity and value are not wrapped up in how good a mother you are, how loving a wife you are, whether you got that promotion, whether your business succeeded or failed, whether your kids have to go into full time childcare so that you can go to work, how smart you are at school or the comments people leave on social media. 

You alone are amazing! You wear multiple hats to be someone for so many people in your life. You do so much for everyone else. It’s okay to take some time out to look after yourself on a regular basis. To recharge, to have some time for privacy and aloneness or to simply unwind with a good friend.

I want to remind you that it doesn’t matter what mistakes you made or what you should do/couldn’t do/haven’t done because I love you the way you are. Any guilt, doubt, shame or fear you may be having comes from what society says you should be doing. You don’t have to be who society says you should be. All you need to do, is do what’s right for you. You know you love your family, you know you love me. Don’t let other people tell you that you are not doing a good enough job because you are! You are doing the best you can. Ease up on yourself. I still love you even through your self-doubt, I see through the mistakes you think you have made. I see you.

I see a woman whom I have created to be confident and fearless.  

There is nothing that you can do to change My love for you.

You matter. Walk with Me.


God xo